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These are a few variety of worms that your sheep can get:
  • Nodular Worm
  • Bankrupt Worm
  • Common Stomach Worm
  • Common Tapeworm
  • Lungworm
  • Coccidia (parasite)
Sheep can get worms from eating grass where there are worm eggs, small worms, or snails (carriers for some parasites).  This is why you should rotate pastures frequently.  I've found that it's good to rotate worm medicines as well.  For breeding sheep I worm them every three months.  Switching off from Safeguard (which you can find in your local livestock store) to Ivomec (which can be found in your local livestock store as well).  So, you will use each one every six months if you worm them every three months and switch off from Safeguard to Ivomec.  However, if you are going to worm a club lamb and he is going to be used for food soon, then do not use Safeguard.  You can only use Safeguard if you have 8 days between the time you wormed your lamb and the time he is going to the butcher.  There is NO age restriction on any worm medicine so use at your discretion.  If you see worms in your lambs stools, those are tapeworms and you should use the Safeguard worm medicine to get rid of the problem.  If you have any further questions on worms, you should talk to your veterinarian.
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