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"Mystical Sheep"

Suffolk Breeding Stock

I have just received 4 new suffolk ewes here recently, however I only have the 3 pictures of my older ewes up because I haven't had time to take pictures of my new sheep yet. They are all a great selection of sheep. All of them have a great loin and butt. This page will show you the different sheep that we have to breed with and how great they look. Let's start with my ram.

Breeding Ram


Suffolk Ram

This is a really great ram. We had been looking all over for a ram and then we found one out in Salem, Oregon.

Mount Hood area, my sheep family old home

This is a picture of Mt. Hood, close to Salem. Lancelot (Lance for short) has a really good temperament. You call his name and he comes running. He has all the great qualities a ram or any lamb should have. He started out as a runt but he's filling out nicely with our feed program. Check out the "Lambs For Sale" page for lambs from Lancelot. I'll have more pictures up here of Lancelot in the near future.

Breeding Ewes



Mystie is my oldest and best ewe. She's a year and a half old and has some of the best qualities. She's the longest ewe I have. She doesn't look too great laying down but I will be getting more pictures. Mystie is the sheep I named my operation after. She's the first ewe I bought and she kind of was an accident. I meant to have her as a club market lamb but decided on a different one. So, I kept her for a breeding project to see how well she would turn out. She's done great so far. She's only been bred once and her baby is "Twilight". Here's a picture of Twilight and Mystie.

Mystie and baby Twilight

My dad decided he wanted to shear Mystie to look like a lion. I think she looks hilarious. But as you can see. she produces great babies and I can't wait to see what she and Lancelot can do.

Baby Twilight

Here's Twilight when she was a baby. I will have a new picture of her up here soon.


lucky ewe

Here's my newest ewe, Lucky. I received her through the "Ewe Replacement Program."

Veterinary Scales

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