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"How To Properly Wash A Sheep"

  • Step 1: Be sure your sheep is halter broken. Work with it a lot and get it to be friendly. They are a lot easier to handle while shearing and washing.
  • Step 2: Be sure you have all the proper equipment. Ex. hose, spray nozzle, woolite, stand and blow dryer (if available)
  • Step 3: Tie your lamb to a sturdy place because most likely he won't like the water on him at first but he should get used to it. Hook up your hose and attach the spray nozzle.
  • Step 4: Spray your lamb down, gently starting from his back working down to his belly, until he is completely wet.
  • Step 5: Next you take a cap full of woolite and pour into a five gallon bucket of water, using a small cup pour the fluid down the middle of his back. Then, you need to thoroughly massage the woolite solution into the wool. Be sure and use enough woolite so you can see the suds on the lamb's wool.
  • Step 6: After you have thoroughly massaged the woolite into the lamb's wool, rinse him off starting from his back and working down to his belly again. Be sure and get all of the woolite out of the wool.
  • Step 7: Repeat steps 5 and 6 once more after you first wash your lamb.
  • Step 8: After you have washed your lamb, put him on a stand and begin to dry him off with the blow dryer (if available). If not, then dry him off with a towel and card him until he is nice and fluffy.

4-H kids washing and drying ewe for show

Here is an example of what a blow dryer is.

Sheep blow dryer

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