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About every 17-20 days your ewe should come into heat. The gestation period for your ewe is about 5 months. The regular breeding season to have your ewe lamb in early spring would be from August to October and to have her lamb in late spring it would be from late October to early December.

Your ram must be kept separate from your flock of ewes. One adult ram can be bred to about 40 ewes.

Be sure to keep your ewes well fed throughout the winter. Give them good alfalfa hay, fed free choice, and 2 lbs. of whole corn and whole grain mixed daily. Also, leave out some salt, fed free choice. Try to put the feed buckets in different areas of the pasture so the ewes can get their exercise.

The ewe should drop her udders 1-2 weeks before lambing. During this time you should keep a close eye on your ewe in case she has any complications.

For more information please call us at (208)377-5430 or e-mail me.

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